WV Communications is a world class RF/Microwave Solutions Company.

Their products focus on the defense and commercial markets and include Flight Termination systems, High Power Amplifiers/related Components and turnkey systems, IFF Components and mission critical combat Satellite Up/Down Converters.

Their foundation is meeting the International ISO 9001 2000 Quality Standard while delivering excellent product at competitive cost.


WV has been setting the industry standard in High Power Linear Amplifiers for UHF and microwave for a number of years. The following key points summarize WV Communications leading edge amplifiers:

Distributed architecture with microprocessor controlled modules.

Module CPUs provide ability to track run time for each module.

Power levels up to 10 KW.

Universal phase matched modules (drop in replaceable).

New thermal couplers that use the highest quality thermal heat distribution technology including; Fluoroloy H Insulators, which results in Highest reliability, Energy efficiency and Expanded longevity

Contact us:

Sharon Elmakias | sharon@cidev.co.il| (972) 52 4254958

Yossi Blotman | yossi@cidev.co.il| (972) 52 3640013