Dual 150mA LDO Regulator from Diodes Incorporated Offers Low Noise and Small Size for Battery-Powered Portable Equipment:

The AP7342 low dropout regulator (LDO) introduced by Diodes Incorporated delivers dual 150mA outputs with high 1% voltage accuracy from a wide 1.7V to 5.25V input voltage range. With a low 35μA quiescent current, low RDS(ON) and tiny 6-pin X2 DFN1212 package, this part is particularly well-suited for compact, low-power, handheld, consumer electronic products such as smart phones, tablets, cameras and portable media players.

Additional benefits of the AP7342 are a high 75dB power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and low 60μVrms noise sensitivity (from 10Hz to 100kHz).

These are key to getting the best performance from audio and video applications or communications devices with RF sub-systems, such as wireless adaptors.

A wide input voltage specification ensures compatibility with lithium batteries down to 1.7V, while the output voltage, which can be fixed between 1.2V and 3.6V, is maintained to 1% accuracy at +25Co and 1.5% across the full -40oC to +85oC operating temperature.

The AP7342 is available in high volume, offering an industrial-standard component at a competitive cost but with outstanding light-load, high-efficiency performance.

8-Pin Miniature Logic Devices from Diodes Incorporated Boost Battery Life:

Diodes Incorporated has extended its advanced ultra-low power CMOS logic family, with the introduction of dual-gate devices in the miniature, leadless 8-pin DFN1210 package.

The latest 74AUP2G logic devices help extend battery cell life in a variety of super slim, next-generation portable products, such as smart phones and tablets, by supporting low-voltage, low-power system design.

Operating over a 0.8V to 3.6V supply voltage range, these new parts support extremely low system voltages while delivering a standard ± 4mA output.

With quiescent current less than 0.9µA, static power consumption is low, while the typical CPD rating of 6pF at 3.6V reduces dynamic power consumption. Seven dual gate logic functions are offered: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR and a choice of two tri-state buffers.

With a footprint of only 1.2mm x 1.0mm and a height of just 0.35mm, the DFN1210 format is one of the world’s smallest 8-pin packages.

The miniature-packaged parts are designed to complement Diodes’ previously released 74AUP2G 6-pin dual-gate and 74AUP1G single-gate advanced ultra-low power logic.

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