SPM1004 & SPM1005 is an easy-to-use 6A output integrated Point of Load (POL) power supply module. It contains integrated power MOSFETs, driver, PWM controller, a high performance inductor, input and output capacitors and other passive components in one low profile LGA package using PSI2 technology (Power Supply in Inductor).

Only one input capacitor and one output capacitor are needed for typical applications.

There is no need for loop compensation, sensitive PCB layout, inductor selection or in-circuit production testing. Each module is fully tested.

SPM1005 integrated POL module series are offered in two versions: universal output voltage version (SPM1005-Z) and single voltage version. With the SPM1005-Z version, the user can select the output voltage and switching frequency with external resistors. The single voltage versions provide fixed output voltage at 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V, 1.0V, 0.8V or 0.6V.

The user can trim the output voltage by ±10% using an external resistor.

All SPM1005 models deliver full 6A load current without derating at 85°C ambient temperature with no airflow.

Small size (11mmx9mm) and low profile (2.8mm) allows the SPM1005 to be placed very close to its load or on the back side of the PCB for high density applications.

Sumida’s PSI2 technology ensures optimal inductor design, uniform temperature distribution and very low temperature difference between case and IC die.

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