Spectratime’s Force-2020 rubidium atomic oscillator is designed for

tactical heliopters, airborne radars, UAV/UGV drones,                                              

secure radio and satcom communications systems

Austin, TX, November 1, 2016 – Spectratime, a world-leading provider of high precision atomic clocks and a business of the Orolia Group today announces the launch of its new, rugged, anti-vibration, GPS/GNSS-lockable, ultralow noise Rubidium atomic clock for highly dynamic defense platform applications.

According to Pascal Rochat, Managing Director of Spectratime, “Next-generation defense airborne radars, drones, helicopters, secure shipboard and radio communications systems use high K-band frequencies which require ultralow noise performance. In tactical missions, ultralow noise performance can only be minimally degraded during exposure to dynamic vibration and high-g environments to maintain the integrity of the battlefield systems. The Spectratime’s Force-2020 rubidium atomic oscillator is the perfect solution for such critical applications, and thus we are currently working with large defense contractors to integrate our new product into their highly dynamic defense platform systems.”

Product features:

• Output frequency up to 500MHz

• Use the patented SmarTiming+® technology, disciplining an                                                                          

external SAASM or a non-SAAMS GPS or GNSS 1PPS reference

up to 100,000 seconds with an auto-adaptive loop time

operating at 1ns resolution

• State-of-the-art frequency and timing signal stability performance                                                               

• Integration of an ultralow noise OCXO oscillator with optional low

g-sensitivity and a single or dual vibration-isolated tray for the OCXO

and/or the Rb oscillator to meet various dynamic application requirements.


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