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Discover Spectratime Space qualified Oscillators



Our product range is made for your
  • Space Payloads, SAR(1), Scientific and GNSS-navigation missions (LEO, MEO, Deep Space, GEO),
  • OBT(2) reference, FGU(3)  & MRO(4)  Systems,
  • Manufacturers of On-board sub-systems, such as OBC, CMCU, Transceivers/Transponders – TTC or ISL, Transmitter, RF converters…
         (1) SAR: Synthetic Aperture Radar
         (2) OBT: On-Board Timing
         (3) FGU: Frequency Generator Uni
         (4) MRO: Master Reference Oscillator
Our references
  • Pioneer designer and manufacturer of Rubidium Atomic Clocks for European GNSS programs since 1990’s.
  • 590 Flight Models delivered and 370 Flight Models in orbit cumulating important flight heritage in GEO navigation constellations, LEO SAR payloads and Deep Space IPP
  • Swiss-made and ECSS mastery
  • Next generation of state-of-the-art, high-performance Active Hydrogen Maser for Deep space tracking & navigation system