LNO3200B3, LNO4800B3 and LNO5000B3 generate frequencies of 3.2GHz, 4.8GHz and 5.0GHz respectively. The modules are available in a 120x76x23 mm package, suitably designed for the lab environment.

They are ideal for ground based military equipment, radar and instrumentation applications (when low phase noise at very high frequencies is required).

They are also highly compatible with latest generation high speed ADC/DACs, which require high frequency clocks with ultra-low jitter.RF-1004 attachment

The new additions utilise Rakon’s high performance SAW oscillator core technology (at 320, 480 and 500MHz), combined with an in-house low noise frequency multiplier by 10, resulting in exceptional phase noise floor performance (-157dBc/Hz) and very low broadband jitter (below 10fs).

They are also available with an internal PLL, enabling the oscillator to phase lock to an external 10MHz reference.

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