Cables & Cable assemblies, Connectors (board to board, quick lock, 4.3-10, SMPM-T, VITA, Multiport BMA, NEX10, MXP etc) & Adapters, Minibend cable assemblies (internal crimp technology), Antennas, Arrestors & EMP protectors, attenuators, Passive components, system solutions (RFoF, LANoF and more), Optical cables, assemblies and components (data center) for Communications, T&M, Transportation, Industrial, Military & Space markets, covering freq’ up to 100GHz.



Formerly Chelton. RF & MW Filters (Ceramic, Cavity, Waveguide, Duplexers), Circulators & Isolators (SMD, DROP-IN, Coaxial, WG and microstrip), Si Pin diodes (high power, SRDs), MOS Capacitors, Modules (Mixers, CIL, Couplers, Switches) and WGs (couplers, adapters, loads) for Defense, Space & Medical applications.


Formerly Temex. High stability, low phase noise crystal oscillators, (XO, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO) and Filters for Space, Defence & high precision applications. SAW-based products: OCSOs & UWB sub-systems for millitary application. Digital Pulse Compressions sub-systems (radar).


Components & Microwave Subsystems up to 40GHz. Flight Termination Equipment (IRIG/Secure), SSPAs (up to 5KW); Up/Down Converters, Synthesizers, Transceivers.


GaAs & GaN MMIC Amplifiers: High power (1-25W), World best LNA Products AHL-family (50-5000MHz LNA) Medium power,Gain Block, IF, GPS/DVB/XM, LNAs, CATV/SMATV up to K band. 1-stage & 2-stage Internally Matched Mini modules: LNAs, PAs, PLLs



Signal Processing Components : “DC to 5Ghz”. Mixers( hIGH ip3), Driver/Combiner, Hybrid, Directional Coupler, Frequency Multipliers, I-Q Assembly.


SAW filters, duplexers and resonators for Infrastructure, Mobile/ Wireless, Automotive and Military. GPS/WiFi Patch Antenna, Active Antenna and RF modules.




Widebend SMD, connectozied, microstrip and WG Isolators & Circulators Passive MW components: Loads, Directional Couplers, Hybrids.

Insight SIP

Offer the smallest BLE module in the world (8.0 x 8.0 x 1.0 mm) which includes an integrated antenna , RF matching circuit, all decoupling and load capacitors plus crystal oscillators. The modules are specifically designed for PC, smart phone peripherals, IoT smart objects and M2M applications. Insight SiP also offer combo modules with UWB and LoRa for precise positioning and long range.


Precision Timing Solution, Smart Rubidium, Oscillators. Synchronization GPS/GNSS Reference Sources, Passive Mazer Oscillators for Military, Telecommunication & Space Application.






Custom new designs, using leading edge Microwave Technology with exceptional RF performance. Products include GaAs & GaN PAs & LNAs, Switches, TR modules, Freq’ Converters for Defense & Space application.




RFHIC is a global leader in High Powered Components and Hybrid solutions using GaN on SiC / Dimond & GaAs; for Telecom and Defense industries. Products include SMD modules, Connectorized & Pallet Amplifiers, low cost MMICs, GaN T/R Modules, Wideband Amplifiers, transistors, GaN die MMICs up to Ka band.



Design, develop and manufacture high-performance, low cost connectorized radio frequency (RF) and microwave products from 1KHz to over 50GHz. Products include amplifiers (lownoise, medium-power and HP), frequency mixers, power splitters/ combiners, directional couplers, frequency doublers, multipliers & dividers, phase-locked oscillators, block converters, filters, RF detectors, RF switches and more.