Switching Power Magnetics (Inductors & Transformes), LAN connectors for 10BASE-T, 100/10BASE-TX and 1000/100/10BASE-T (Gigabit), 10GBase-T, plus VoIP and PoE+ applications, RF chip inductors, Access point antennas, Ignition Transformers and Coils



Automatic identification Products including MagStripe, Smart and Contactless Card Reader/Writers, Bar Code readers, CCD scanners, POS Keyboards, and Secure PIN Entry products.


3L Electronics
Inductors and Power Inductors SMD+TH, Beads, Chokes, Toroid, Coils, High End Transformers, AC Line Filters.
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Soft Magnetical Ferrites for EMI Suppression, Signal Processing Power Applications-Magnetic Cores – E ,EI, EC, EQ, ER, Planner , Toroids.


Power Magnetic components: Power Transformers, CMC, Power Inductors and Telecom Magnetic components: PLC, DSL, xDSL & LAN Transformers.


DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, RJ45 with magnetics, 10/100/1G/2.5G/10G Base-T Lan filter, Delay Lines, Transformer, EMC/reliability laboratory for providing quality assurance tests.