SMD Led: Top & Side view, Reverse mount type, Mono, Bi & RGB colors, Lighting, Automotive, UV, RGB+W Leds, PLCC, IR products, Optical switches, ITR portfolio, Photo-couplers & Photo Transistors.




Production of high-quality Leds: SMD, Automotive, Horticulture, RGB, RGB+W, IC, IR, Lighting, UV & Photo-couplers.


Customized: square, round, shaped, drilled displays in sizes: 0.96”~21”, in all technologies: Mono-TFT, total reflection TFT, LTPS display, OLED, AMOLED, flexible OLED and others.



Design and manufacturing of LCD/LCM/TFT/OLED models, specialized in TFT sized from 1.77” – 12.1” with varying brightness levels, resolutions and viewing angles, and Monochrome LCD/LCM in TN/STN/FSTN/VATN types.


Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited (LCD Mall), established in 2008, is a professional LCD display and touch panel solution provider who specializes in marketing, designing, and manufacturing standard and customized LCD and touch products. Our products include TFT LCM and TFT LCD module with capacitive touchscreen (support optical bonding), OLED display (AM OLED, PM OLED), monochrome LCD/LCM, LCD controller board and touch controller board, Adapter and Embeded board and techinical service.