Tough Against Physical Impact

Bellows Contact Construction Gives Tough Contact Connectors Increased Tolerance to Twisting & Dropping.

Panasonic uses high precision metal processing to create a curved molding that provides the perfect amount of spring tension at the contacts.

This gives an increased ability to withstand excessive shock when dropped.

Tough Against Dust, Dirt & Flux

V-Notch Improves Contact Reliability Through Increased Resistance to Dust & Foreign Particles.

Contact pressure per unit area is increased by using the edge as the contact. Not only does this increase the ability to remove flux and foreign particles but can prevent their entry altogether.

  • Two Point Contacting
  • Surface Contact to Edge Contact

Tough Against Corrosive Gases

Panasonic’s Porosity Treatment Improves Resistance to Corrosive Gases.

This treatment coats the connector’s surface with a very thin film to seal pinholes in the gold plating.

Panasonic developed this technology to ensure the same contact reliability for thin gold plating as that of thick gold plating.

  • Improved Corrosion Resistance
  • Improved Insertion/Removal Durability
  • Improved Contact Reliability for Digital Signals

E-1132 attachment

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