Power Efficiency for Long Life Beacon Operations!

Introducing Panasonic’s Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon based on one of the world’s most energy efficient modules, Panasonic’s PAN1740. The ultra-low power consumption of less than 5mA in Tx mode enables the PAN1740 Beacon to run on a single coin cell battery for years. This compact beacon is just 26 x 24mm and includes an antenna, ARM CORTEX M0, 256kB flash and CR2032 coin cell battery holder. The PAN1740 Beacon is pre-configured (using flash memory) for out-of-the-box evaluation and use.

Beacons continuously transmit a universal unique user ID (UUID) number to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

This asymmetrical scheme, where the beacon transmits only its UUID, and the app carries 99% of the processing load, allows beacons to be highly efficient and run for years on a coin cell.

The PAN1740 Beacon Kit enables designers to create custom applications and beacon specific parameters (UUID, Major/Minor ID).

Features :

  • Based on BT Smart System-on-Chip PAN1740
  • ARM CORTEX M0 with 256Kb Memory
  • 26x24mm with Antenna
  • FCC/IC/CE Certified
  • Battery Holder for CR2032 Coin Cell
  • Reference Design for Standard Housing Available
  • Approximate Battery Life 18 Months, at 700ms Advertising Interval


  • Bluetooth Low Energy Tags
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Ranging
  • Product Information
  • Retail Advertising

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