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Electrolytic Capacitors SMT/TH , Electric Double Layer , Inductors (ETQ-series) have excellent „non-hard“-saturation characteristics at high switching frequencies. ferrite Choke Coils the smallest SMD Choke Coils features values from 1uH to 33mH 3x3mmFilm Capacitors Surface Mount / leaded (Metallized) – tight tolerances, low ESR, low dissipation factors, no shock noise, no piezoelectric Surface Mount Film Capacitor applications include DC blocking and filtering, LL, audio, DC/DC converter and back lighting.

GaN Power Transistors – World’s first normally-off 600V GAN-on-Si power transistor.
High Power DC-DC Regulator ICs Highly efficient, hysteretic-based step-down DCDC ICs with built-in MOSFETs output up to 50W.
DC-DC power module with built-in inductor Step down DCDC module with integrated coil provides up to 50W and 95% efficiency in 0,3cm³ Motor Driver ICs
ESD Suppressors, NTC Thermistors, MLCVs, Thermal Fuses, Micro Chip Fuses, Metal Oxide Varistors and ZNR Transient Surge Absorbers in both SMD and THT. COOLING  Panasonic flexible Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS) can be used in applications requiring extreme thermal protection with limited space. Available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions in both standard

BTB narrow pitch , Board to Micro Coax, FFC conn, Led Conn, Fiber Optic conn

Battery technology :  Lithium batteries ( high voltage) , BR and CR , Lithium coin (rechargeable and non-rechargeable) and cylindrical batteries, Zinc Carbon and Alkaline batteries –the highest quality standards.