Axcen photonics Corp. is professional manufacturer of active components for optical communication systems. The company can offer the optical transceivers including: GBIC, SFP singel-mode and multiple-mode optical transceivers for 1000BASE-LHX and 1000BASE-ZX applications, SFP+, XFP and CSFP. Transmission speed of all the optical transceivers ranges from 155Mbps (OC-3), 2.488Gbps

(OC-48), Fiber channel, Gigabite Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, 4x Fiber Channel, SFP Copper, 10G.

Axcen photonics Corp has obtained the compliance certificate of CSA and TUV and ISO 9001/14001, telcordia GR468, RoHS, IEC61000, EN55022, UL, FCC, CE.

Axcen photonics can offer complete product lines including:

  • -10G SFP-SR, LR and ELR (20km)
  • -10G XFP-SR, LR and ER up to 40km
  • -10G XFP-SR, LR and ER up to 40km
  • -CSFP BIDI up to 20km
  • -Copper SFP 100m

10.2.15 E-1104