Truly International Holdings Limited is an investment holding company of the Truly Group; it was incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability and listed its shares on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 1991. It has reported profits on its operations every year since this listing. The Group has various manufacturing and marketing businesses: ·

  •  High quality Liquid Crystal Display panels and modules
  •  Printed Circuit Board panels, Flexible Printed Circuit Board panels and Plastic Injection Molding for various applications
  •  Make Consumer Electronic Products, such as, calculator and tablet PC 
  •  Personal care products & electrical devices including electric toothbrush, blood glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, and thermometer
Because of the synergies within our Group’s Supply Chain Management, we are able to offer economies of scale to our customers.
Truly Group’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong, our production facilities comprising over 964,300 Sq. Meters of floor areas are located in Shanwei, Guangdong Province, China .  In addition, the Group has over 31,000 employees including branches and sales offices world-wide.