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Sumida is a global leader in the design and manufacture of coil-related components and modules. Specializing in custom design solutions, Sumida’s products are used in a wide range of applications from consumer electronic devices through to home appliances, automotive electronics, green energy solutions, industrial electronics and medical healthcare devices and equipment.

Our core product scope includes components and modules such as power inductors & transformers, automotive keyless antennas, xenon ignitor modules, mobile communications equipment, radio frequency identification tags (RFID), power inverters for solar power generators and components for industrial lighting solutions. In addition, we also provide the complimentary products and services such as magnetic materials, ceramics, flexible connectors and electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

With over 60 years history in Asia and 80 years in Europe, our expertise in coil-related manufacturing, as well as technical design, allows us to offer our customers both customised design solutions as well as off-the-shelf products. In addition, our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and footprint allow us to flexibly adjust product volumes and locations as required while maintaining consistent high-quality standards. This is why we pride ourselves on our ability to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers built on trust.

Cidev Electronics represents Sumida in Israel and distributes its products:
Power Inductors:

  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • LPF Coils for Digital Amplifiers

Power Transformers: 

  • Surface Mount
  • T.H
  • PoE Transformers
  • Strobe Flash Transformers
  • Switching Mode Power Supplies
  • Reactors

Magnetic Materials, EMC Coils: 

  • AC Powerline
  • DC Powerline
  • Normal Mode Chokes
  • Common Mode Chokes