Orolia is a world leader in high-end crystal, rubidium, maser and integrated GPS/GNSS clocks, as well as related testing instrument technologies for space missions that rely on high precision atomic clock technology.

The company products are used in a wide variety of applications, including telecommunications, defense, navigation, instrument, broadcasting, and space. The company is a recognized leader in the industries it serves and distributes its products globally through Orolia’s sales offices in Europeand United States.


  • High-performance crystal, rubidium & maser clocks
  • Commercial & rugged military rubidium oscillator sources
  • Space crystal, rubidum and maser clock sources
  • GPS/GNSS synchronized crystal and rubidium clocks
  • Integrated, low noise GPS/GNSS rubidium reference standards
  • High-resolution ADEV clock analyzers
  • Time & frequency clock experts

Orolia is committed to constantly maximizing and reinventing customer value through technology leadership. The company focuses and creative, invent technology to add customer value, and design state-of-the-art product performance with cost in mind and for manufacturing. Orolia simply have a great passion for what we do and how we do it to create great value for our customers.

Cidev Electronics represents Orolia in Israel and distributes its Atomic Clocks & Oscillators product line:

  • Precision Timing Solution
  • Smart Rubidium Oscillators Synchronization GPS/GNSS Reference Sources
  • Crystal, Rubidium & Passive Mazer Oscillators for Military
  • Avionics, Telecommunication & Space Application
  • Phase & Frequency measurement Instruments