rf bay

Design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sale of high-performance, low-cost radio frequency (RF) and microwave products for military, commercial and amateur radio applications. RF Bay, Inc provides online buying capability for customers requiring critical RF components immediately. Provide RF and microwave components in the frequency range from under 1KHz to over 50GHz. Products include low-noise amplifiers, low- and medium-power RF amplifiers, high-power RF amplifiers, Waveguide Amplifiers, frequency mixer, power splitter/combiner, directional coupler, frequency doubler, frequency multiplier, frequency dividers, phase-locked oscillators, block converters, filters, RF detectors, RF switches and more. RF Bay, Inc also works with customers to meet their special requirements and to develop new products delivering high-performance at low cost. RF Bay, Inc welcomes customers to submit their RF requirements for quotation. RF Bay, Inc also welcomes distributors and resellers for promoting and selling RF Bay, Inc products. RF Bay, Inc products are sold and shipped worldwide. Orders typically ship 1 to 2 days after placing the orders online. All RF Bay, Inc. product sold carry 1-year standard warranty for parts and labor (not cover the round-trip shipping cost).