MEC was founded in 2004 as a start-up company gathering the experience of distinguished academic people in the field of microwave and millimeter-wave belonging to the University of Bologna and University of Ferrara.
Since then MEC have devoted a Science-based entrepreneurship to achieve state of the art innovative industrial solutions for our customers in the microwave and millimeter-wave electronic fields.

  • Expertise in design & development of RF components and subsystems
  • Aerospace, Communications, Defense & wireless applications
  • 1-100GHz: RF, microwaves and mm-waves
  • Multi-technology: GaAs and GaN
  • MMICs, packaging, modules, sub-systems

MEC have been awarded several contracts from the Italian Research and University Ministry, the Italian Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the European Union which were exploited to build a product portfolio of advanced microwave and millimeter-wave components with exceptional RF performance. Rather than creating product similar in performance to our competitors, MEC have focused on developing truly new designs capable of solving the particular problems which Italian and European microwave system engineers encounter on a daily basis. MEC customers rely on us to know where the leading edge of microwave technology is and where it is going. That’s why MEC continuously put a great deal of effort to stay at the forefront of the industry.
Cidev Electronics represents MEC in Israel and distributes its products:

  • GaAs & GaN PAs & LNAs
  • switches, TR modules
  • freq’ converters for defense and Space applications