Founded in 2005, DAPU TELECOM, with its headquarter in SSL hi-tech industrial park of China, has quickly emerged into the top range of oscillator industry by providing matched timing solutions for telecommunication, position and factory automatic control to her clients.

At present, Dapu has set the 4 R&D agencies in USA, HK, Shenzhen and Dongguan, 10 sales offices all over the world, for example, USA, Europe and key cities in China. Since established in 2005, Dapu has always devoted itself to the technology innovation, which results in that it has owned 32 patents, among of these are 25 Chinese patents for the invention and 3 PCT patents. So Dapu has been one of the top innovation patents owner in timing and frequency industry in China. Besides, with 230+ employees, including more than 30% of 8+ years’ experienced R&D engineers, Dapu keeps no less than 15% of yearly sales revenue reinvesting into R&D and business promotion. It has kept 30+% sales growth during the past 5 years.

Cidev Electronics represents DAPU in Israel and distributes its products:

High-stable clock/frequency products and solutions: Crystal
Oscillators/Stratum, Clock modules, MCU & PLL chips, IoT modules.