Axcen Photonics Corp. was founded with the capital of USD 6.7 millions in May, 2002 in Taiwan as a professional manufacturer of active components for optical communication systems. The headquarter is located in Taipei county.
With the integration of professionals in optics, mechanics and electrical engineering, Axcen Photonics Corp. has finished the development of optical sub-assembly module package, L-I-V characteristics measurement system and optical transceivers.

These technologies are fully employed in the product production. Right now, Axcen Photonics Corp can offer the optical transceivers including GBIC, SFP single-mode and multiple-mode optical transceivers for optical data communication, telecommunication, and cable TV systems. Furthermore, the optical transceivers for long-distance 1000BASE-LHX and 1000BASE-ZX applications are offered as well. In order to meet the needs of clients, the transmission speed of the optical transceivers ranges from 155Mpbs (OC-3), 2.488Gbps(OC-48), Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, 4x Fiber Channel, SFP Copper. In addition, Axcen Photonics Corp can offer the customized product design to the needed clients.

Right now, Axcen Photonics Corp also offers the products and service of optical sub-assembly (OSA). With the accumulation of product development experience in the last years, Axcen Photonics Corp can provide the clients the high quality, high coupling-efficiency and cost-effective OSA products. The products include SC-type, LC-type and pigtailed-type OSAs with the speed ranging from 155Mbps to 2.5Gbps. In order to meet the specific request for high power and high coupling efficiency OSAs, Axcen Photonics Corp also can offer the customized service to this kind of products.

In order to meet the strict requirements for optical communication components, Axcen Photonics Corp not only has obtained the compliance certificate of CSA and TUV but also pursue the system certificate of ISO 9001 to reach the international manufacturing standard in the near future. Furthermore, our company also set up the quality insurance division to monitor and audit the quality of product production.

Cidev Electronics represents  Axcen in Israel and distributes its products:

  • SFP+
  • XFP 10G
  • SFP dual-rate 100/1000Base
  • Copper SFP
  • SFP SGMii