HUBER+SUHNER has developed a new cable assembly that is capable of doing the job of
SUCOFLEX 106 and 106 P in one, without increasing the price (remains at current 106 P level).Sucoflex 118
Based on an improved and patented inner conductor construction, SUCOFLEX 118 is able to
combine the low loss, excellent VSWR and C.W. power performance of SUCOFLEX 106 with the
phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 106 P. Wherever low loss, joined with phase- and
amplitude stability is required, SUCOFLEX 118 must be your choice. The new cable assembly is
applicable up to 18 GHz and comes along with a wide range of connectors. Also crush resistant Aruggedisations
are available.


  •  Precise measurements with highest stability
  • Higher signal integrity due to lower los
  • Better phase stability and superior return loss
  • Excellent performance to price ratio
  • Stock assemblies available on request

Pricing and configurations of SUCOFLEX 118
The prices for the new SUCOFLEX 118 assemblies remain on the current level of SUCOFLEX 106 P.
The whole connector portfolio for SUCOFLEX 106 P can be used with SUCOFLEX 118 as well.
Other jacket materials and additional ruggedisations are available on request.
Replacement of SUCOFLEX 106 P
Until the end of 2018 and wherever possible, we aim to replace all SUCOFLEX 106 P cable
assemblies with the new SUCOFLEX 118. Phase out of SUCOFLEX 106 P will start in 2018.