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Samsung Electro-Mechanics was established in 1973 and has become a remarkable developer and manufacturer of key electronic components not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world. Samsung Electro-Mechanics has begun as a producer of audio/video parts, which has been the foundation of the company to lead the technological autonomy of the parts industry in Korea. During the ’80s, Samsung Electro-Mechanics diversified its business and included materials and computer parts on its business scope, while during the ’90s, it placed its focus on the development of next-generation products, including chip components, telecommunications parts, and optic parts.

Since the turn of the century, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been leveraging its technological excellence in key areas, such as high-frequency wireless materials and power/precision mechanics to further develop its strategic technology and to generate synergic effect in its businesses. With this, Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues to focus on developing its business in boards, chip parts, camera modules, and communication modules with the aim to become the world leader in each of those fields. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to expand its business portfolio through quality enhancement, technological advancement, and development of new products. It also aims to foster next-generation business opportunities to make its next leap as the leader in the electronic parts industry.

Cidev Electronics represents Samsung Electro-Mechanics in Israel for many years and distributes its products:

Passive Components:

  • MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors)
  • Chip Resistors
  • Filters
  • Inductors
  • Tantalum