EOS Power, the leading designer, manufacturer and seller of small size and high efficiency Power Supplies is today releasing its new (M)WLP120 Series of Medical and Commercial Low Profile, High Efficiency AC/DC products.

The (M)WLP120 Series is the third addition to the ultra-small EOS low profile high efficiency series of products, following the (M)WLP225 and (M)WLP350 series.

It is packaged in an impressively small 2 x 3 x 1.18 (30 mm) inch profile and delivers 16.94 powerful Watts per cubic inch.

This makes it the world’s smallest 120 Watt power supply currently available. The new 120 Watt Series is available in Medical and Commercial versions and offer lots of market leading specifications like:

  • Standby Power < 0.3 Watt
  • MTBF over 3 Million HoursE-1130 Attachment
  • Medical Versions have a BF Rating
  • -40 Degree start-up Guaranteed
  • Class II Option for Medical Applications
  • 2 x 3 x 1.18 Inch Profile
  • Thermal Shut Down Feature
  • 120 Watts with Forced Air
  • 100 Watts Convection Rating


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