Diodes Incorporated manufactures and supplies

a wide range of devices that form part of high quality and high

reliability solution forAutomotive LED lighting.

At the core of these solutions are its Automotive

Compliant LED Drivers; associated with these LED

drivers are its Automotive Compliant

MOSFETs and Schottky diodes and rectifiers.


Diodes’ LED Driver solutions provide circuit

designers with highly efficient, versatile, and simple

solutions with small footprints for both interior and

exterior lamps – see below table for more details.


All of Diodes’ automotivetable

compliant products meet

quality, environmental, and

compliance standards such

as TS16949, VDA6.3, RoHS,

PPAP, JESD46C, and

AEC-Q100/101 Standards.


Benny Grindler | boaz@cidev.co.il| 052-2588055