Our Major Customers


Cidev Electronics provides services to over 800 customers who operate in a range of markets. We develop and improve our services to ensure high customer satisfaction! we believe that customer service is an important value and a way of living.


Alex Rosenberg, Purchasing Manager, U.S.R Electronic Systems LTD.

“I can note that during our work together over the last decade with Cidev company, we impresse that Cidev is a company with a high level of service that provides its customers with professional and courteous service. Quality of service expressed a sense of partnership between the enterprise”.

Lior Seri, Purchasing Manager, Kramer Electronics

“Kramer company’s relationship with Cidev including its global distribution department in particular is a relationship built on mutual trust and collaboration support.
We purchase various components from Cidev for over the last 10 years and enjoy good service, competitive prices and working with considerate andalways willing to helph partners.”

Michal Fisher, Purchasing Manager, Silicom Ltd.

“Silicom works with Cidev for many years. Cidev’s employees always willing to help with immediate solutions and creative thoughs.
Cidev is one of the largest and important suppliers that we work with and we appreciate the joint efforts.”