The versatile magnetic connector system is geared for various interconnect solutions.  Including: Mobile phones, power applications, smart charging applications,  various safety applications, among many others.

Why the Patented Genesis Magnetic Breakaway Power Connector?
We developed the Genesis Connector with a magnetic closed circuit to allow the majority of flux to be routed directly through the striker plate, an improvement over the conventional magnetic open circuit design.  The two magnetic flux plates, a ferromagnetic element, magnetically couple the plug and the receptacle while maintaining the pins and contacts in an electrically conductive relationship.

  • The standard 3-Pin Solution: V+, Gnd, and ID pin; Other pin configurations are also available.
  • 5A Pogo pin
  • Hot-Air/IR Reflow Compatible
  • SMT Packaged Receptacle
  • Magnetic retention force:  3 to 5 lb. range
  • Optional LED Status Indicator:
    Green: Power ON
    Yellow: Battery charging
  • Strain-relief charger cable
  • No Hand Soldering: The magnet and flux plates are fitted into a separate housing that snaps into connector after reflow.
  • Customizable to specific applications.

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