SENCITY Rail L-Band frequency extension

Thanks to the expansion of the worldwide frequency ranges for mobile communication in February 2017, the mobile network is supplemented with more bandwidth for aSENCITY Rail L-Band frequency extension higher downlink capacity.

Huber Suhner’s antennas of the SENCITY Rail family support these new frequency bands (L-band (1427-1528 MHz) and C-band (3.4-3.6 GHz)) and are already designed to be able to service future frequency extensions without the need of retrofitting.


With this product update HUBER+SUHNER provide the broadest range of roof-top antennas on the market. In addition to the strictest environmental regulations, SENCITY Rail antennas also fulfil the highest customer requirements regarding the high-frequency properties of an antenna.


SENCITY Spot-S 1.8 GHz for LTE-M in Railway Trackside

The new Spot-S outdoor antenna 1318.17.0015 was developed for railway trackside and in-carriage applications, supporting the new trend of using LTE at 1.8 GHz for CBTCSENCITY Spot-S 1.8 GHz for LTE-M in Railway Trackside signaling systems. The product meets railway standards acc. to EN50155 and EN50125-3. With its gain of 6.5 to 8 dBi over the working range of 1.71 up to 1.95 GHz, the antenna can also be used for DECT applications.



  • Fit for harsh weather conditions (IP66 and IP67)
  • Robust design with various mounting options
  • Small but high performing

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