High-speed gate driver

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a pair of compact 40V, 1A-rated gate drivers specifically designed to control the high-current power MOSFETs used in on-board and embedded power supplies and motor drive circuits.

Enabling the MOSFETs to be more rapidly and fully switched on and off, the ZXGD3009E6 (SOT26 package) and ZXGD3009DY (SOT363 package) help minimize switching losses, improve power density and increase overall conversion efficiency. ZXGD3009E6 is a high-speed non-inverting single gate driver for switching MOSFETs.

It can transfer up to 2A peak source/sink current into the gate for effective charging and discharging the capacitive load. The gate drivers’ rugged emitter-follower design avoids any issues of latch-up or shoot-through and can tolerate peak currents of up to 2A. Their wide 40V operating range will also cater for voltage spikes far beyond the typical 12V normally associated with power MOSFET gate driving.

Diodes Incorporated has introduced – controller: AP3125

The improvement in performance is a result of the devices’ three operating modes.

1. normal mode- switching frequency is either 65kHz or100kHz.

2. mid-range load – frequency fold-back is used to back-off the frequency and raise average efficiency.

3. no-load or a very light load, the devices enter a burst mode to minimize standby power.

AP3125 controllers have a minimum switching frequency setting of 20kHz to improved internal slope compensation to simplify feedback loop design and enables more stable peak current control over a wide range of input voltage and load conditions.

Internal over temperature protection and fast over-current protection are included, along with over-voltage and overload protection.

The AP3125B and AP3125HB variants also integrate brownout and line over- voltage protection

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