The miniaturization trend began with HEI160808 in 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.8mm dimensions, an even smaller version of the power choke. HEI inductors, power efficiency will be performed under two conditions, Standby mode (light Load, PFM)  and in use (Haevy Load, PWM): Light Load , PFM (pulse Frequency Modulation) – the efficiency  under light load condition is critical for Battery life .during light load mode the SMPS uses PFM for switching.

The inductor losses are attributed to AC losses. Hence it is important for an Inductor have a Low Rac and Higher Quality Factor, Chilisin HEI performed a better Q value and resulted into higher power efficiency in the light load mode Heavy Load, both of DC + AC copper loss and core loss are important in the efficiency improvement, especially the DCR of the inductor plays a major role in the inductor losses P = I2RDCR.

One of the Chilisin core technologies is to have their own proprietary metal powder formulation for HEI inductors which share the benefits of low RDCR and Rac combinations. In additional to lower DC resistance values, the powders used also exhibits higher Q value, and therefore reduced the core loss further. Panasonic NFC Tags have built-in FeRAM


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