Ultra-low capacitance, small size SOD-882,1.0*0.6*0.5mm, UAD8C05L01-TVS diode array for ESD protection This type of TVS diode array for ESD protection made from Silicon material.

It can directly replace traditional polymer and ceramic devices, resolving the problem like high turn-on voltage, large breakdown voltage tolerance and small surge current capacity.

With its clamping voltage only a little higher than 10V.

The capacitance of this device is as low as 0.4pf, making it ideal for both high/low speed data line applications. This device can be widely used for protections on data port such as USB2.0/USB3.0, HDMI, STB, Ethernet, etc.

GDT- Gas discharge tubes

Gas discharge tubes use noble gasses enclosed in ceramic tubes to provide an alternate circuit path for voltage spikes.

Ceramic envelope and with nickel connectors allow for high loads and BrightKing offers products that function at 20KA, 40KA, 50KA, 60KA, 100KA and 150KA Breakdown voltages of the devices have a wide range (up to 20% tolerance)

Major applications are high frequency telecommunication lines, stations, security systems,

HID and high quality Surge Protection Devices (SPD)E-1106 Picture

BrightKing offers the following types: 2 port; 5, 7 and 8mm, 3 port; 6, 7 and 8mm.

The company also offers surfac mounted device (SMD) used in portable digital products BrightKing GSD products are following standards and certifications: UL, VDE, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61643-311:2001/GB9043; ITU-T K.21; GR1089 Ultra Low Insertion Loss Impluse spark-over voltage: 075-3000V

10KA surge capability tested with 8/20μs pulse as defined by IEC 61000-4-5

Excellent response to fast-rising transients

Low capacitance (<0.5pF)

Size: 3216 (1206) 4532 (1812)

DC Breakdown Voltage:90-600V

Max Surge current capacity 2000A

8/20μs complies with ITU-TK.21 standard 4KV 10/μs

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