AREAR Electronique based in Besançon France, the European stronghold of time-frequency, AR Electronique has been designing and manufacturing quartz resonators, oscillators and piezoelectric filters for over 25 years.
Specializing in the most demanding professional applications, Defense and Aerospace, AR Electronique’s frequency products are renowned for their advanced technical performance and excellent quality.

Staffed by an experienced and passionate team, in new premises with ultra-modern equipment, ARE is at your disposal to propose solutions, services and products specifically tailored to your applications and requirements.

Wide product range, same quality requirements
AR Electronique offers a whole range of frequency and time components.
These products are mainly developed to specific customer’s requirements.
The in house manufacturing, including crystal resonators, guarnatees high
reliability with full traceability.

Crystal resonators:
• High Q crystals,
• Low g-sensitivity crystals,
• Other materials: Tantalate, Langasite,
• Monolithic cells,
• Ion beam etching.

• High stability, low phase noise oscillators
• Specific product ranges for very demanding applications
(Airborne, Defense)

Piezoelectric filters:
• Specific designs, all types
• High frequency, monolithic filters
• Compact filters

T&F Systems:
• Synthesized sources
• Phase locked sources
• High frequency oscillators (1 to 3GHz)
• Frequency distribution

High level applications

Military / Airborne:
• Radio communication
• Radio navigation
• Radars
• Electronic warfare

• Broadcast (DAB / DVB)
• Instrumentation
• Test equipment
• Telecommunications