AEM introduces its latest series of fast-acting low-power SMD fuses. The new thin-film T0603FF Series, available with current ratings from 0.15A to 5A, combines high inrush capability with very fast clearing at 200% of rated current. The low-profile, 0603 packaged body is constructed with fiberglass enforced epoxy technology combined with nickel and tin-plated copper terminations.

The T0603FF Series is ideally suited for battery-powered applications including notebook computers and tablets, cameras, toys, Bluetooth earphones, and other portable electronics devices.

Pricing and Availability

The T06063FF series is now available in production volumes. Pricing starts at $0.0793 per unit for OEM quantities.

Samples are available in Cidev Electronics

Key Features:

Ultra low DCR

Current rating from 0.15A to 5.00A

Low profile compact footprint (0603 package size) with thickness of as low as 0.3 mm

Lead-free, Halogen and RoHS


Battery-powered applications

Notebook computer and tablets



Bluetooth earphones

Portable devices

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