Cidev Electronics
established in 1973

Cidev Electronics is a part of Cidev Group which is a Global Distributor for Electronic Components:
Active + Passive Components
Power Supplies
Magnetic products
LED’s & Displays
Connectors & Cables
Relays & Switches
RF & Microwave Components
Batteries and Protective units.

Most of our Suppliers are well known Global Manufacturers who are considered world leaders, continuously introducing new innovations
to the High-Tech Industry.

Cidev Operations are handled by our 100 Employees through our Offices
in ISRAEL (H.Q), Taiwan, H.K, China.
Our Central Warehouse is located in Israel and covers 1500 Sq. Meters,
and handles more than 70,000 different Line Items.

We have over 500 Customers Worldwide who are engaged in Telecom, IT,
Home Security, Medical Instruments, lightning, Control Units, GPS,
Military and Space, Defense and others.

CIDEV is qualified to ISO-9001:2015 and IQNET since 1998, TRACE Certified.